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Bricks Dining Room Outside View

Our Multi-use dining rooms

are available for your private special event

Within our distinguished establishment, a tapestry of four exquisitely unique dining areas awaits. Our main dining room envelops guests in a timeless embrace, exuding a comforting ambiance that harks back to tradition. On the other hand, the Wine Room reveals a luminous expanse, inviting natural light to dance upon its open expanse. For those seeking a touch of intimacy, the Vario Room beckons, offering an oasis of seclusion. And let us not forget our newest addition, The Patio, where diners revel in a refreshing al fresco experience amidst breathtaking landscaping and the gentle symphony of a water feature.

Furthermore, each of these spaces is perfectly equipped to host your exclusive “Private Event,” be it a rehearsal dinner or a memorable birthday celebration. Consider entrusting us with the honor of hosting your special occasion at Bricks, where unforgettable moments are carefully crafted.

Wine Room

Vario Room

Patio Area

Main Dining Room