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With a Rich Legacy​

spanning over a quarter of a century,​

Bricks Restaurant stands as an unwavering pillar of Reno’s gastronomic realm, owed greatly to its unrivaled “Timeless American Cuisine,” an exquisite blend of contemporary sophistication and classical allure, complemented by impeccable service!

Enter a world of refined indulgence

at our restaurant's bar

Immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere where expert mixology and exquisite spirits converge. Experience the harmonious symphony of flavors as you savor meticulously crafted cocktails. Welcome to a sanctuary of elegance and unparalleled libation.

Bricks Presents

an ever-evolving menu of contemporary American cuisine

Explore the culinary delights that await you on our menus page. Witness the artistry of our offerings and embark on a journey of refined taste.

Revel in a captivating journey

through the world of fine wines

Discover the enchanting treasures of our exceptional wine selection. Delight in the artistry of each bottle, sourced from esteemed vineyards worldwide. Indulge in a journey of refined taste as you explore the nuances and complexities of our curated collection.

Our Multi-use dining rooms

are available for your private special event

Discover the artistry of four distinct dining areas. Our main dining room exudes timeless warmth, while the light-filled Wine Room captivates. The Wine Room reveals a luminous expanse, inviting natural light to dance upon its open expanse. The intimate Vario Room offers a secluded setting, and our newest addition, The Patio, provides a refreshing outdoor experience with stunning landscapes. All spaces are perfect for private events, such as rehearsal dinners or special birthdays at Bricks.

Pharmaceutical Dinners​

Indulge in an exquisite dining affair

orchestrated by Bricks Restaurant, where every moment is meticulously tailored to leave an indelible impression upon you and your esteemed guests. Anticipation will be heightened for your future gatherings as we craft an unparalleled experience for you. Our opulent enclave boasts three private dining areas, exuding an air of exclusivity and refinement. To ensure a seamless and worry-free event, we proudly offer All-Inclusive packages thoughtfully designed to align with your budgetary considerations. Among these, our esteemed Pharmaceutical package stands as a shining example.